13th Meeting Montréal 2019

The 13th Meetings of the Worked Bone Research Group was hosted from the 7th to 12th of October 2019 by the University of Montréal, Canada. It has been organised by Christian Gates St-Pierre.

The leading theme of the conference was
Archaeozoology meets archaeometry„,
as the conference’s main sponsor was the ArchéoScience/ArchéoSociale research group (AS2), which promotes the development of the archaeological sciences in anthropological perspectives.

Announcement in ICAZ Newsletter 19(2), 24 (pdf 1,2 MB).

Programme and abstracts (pdf, 11,7 MB).


Proceedings have been published in the volume:

Wild, Markus / Thurber, Beverley A. / Rhodes, Stephen / Gates St-Pierre, Christian (2021):
Bones at a crossroads. Integrating Worked Bone Research with Archaeometry and Social Zooarchaeology
Leiden: Sidestone Press
ISBN: 978-94-6427-006-8

Ordering via Sidestone Press, Oxbow or Knochenarbeit.


  • Christian Gates St-Pierre, Markus Wild, Beverly A. Thurber, Stephen E. Rhodes: Introduction
  • Vinayak, V.: Osseous arrowheads in the Iron Age of the Upper Ganga Plains
  • Shankar, Ravi / Joglekar, P. P. / Channarayapatna, Sharada / Singh, Ashok Kumar: A typo-technological study of bone artefacts from Agiabir, India (c. 2300-600 BC/BCE)
  • Siebrecht, Matilda I. / Desjardins, Sean / Hazell, Sarah M. / Lofthouse, Susan / Cencig, Elsa / Kotar, Kathryn / Jordan, Peter / van Gijn, Annelou L.: Magnifying the differences: Investigating variability in Dorset Paleo-Inuit organic material culture using microscopic analysis
  • Buc, Natacha / Acosta, Alejandro / Rombolá, Lucía T.: Antler as raw material among hunter-gatherer groups from the Pampean Region (Argentina)
  • Vitezović, Selena: Osseous artifacts from the Maros-culture necropolis at Ostojićevo (northern Serbia)
  • Brezinová, Gertrúda & Hrnčiarik, Erik: An antler workshop in a Germanic settlement in Nitra, Slovakia
  • Klokler, Daniela: The worked bone and tooth assemblage from Piaçaguera: Insights and challenges
  • Inostroza Rojas, Helga: Traceological evaluation of bone instruments as an indirect indicator: Rebuilding textile technology during the Ceramic period on Mocha Island (Chile)
  • Freiwald, Carolyn / Halperin, Christina / Dubois-Francoeur, Camille / Schlinsog, Caroline / Bauer, Kimberly A.: A microscopic view of Maya needle and perforator production at Ucanal, Guatemala
  • Gilson, Simon-Pierre & Lessa, Andrea: Warm it up! Using experimental archaeology to test shark teeth extraction hypotheses
  • Martínez-Polanco, María Fernanda / Solís Alpízar, Olman / Sánchez-Herrera, Luis Alberto / Jiménez-Acosta, Máximo / Cooke, Richard G.: Crafting white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) bone and antler at Cerro Juan Díaz (LS-3), Greater Coclé Culture Area, Panama
  • Richardson, Sarah J. / Greenfield, Haskel J. / Greenfield, Tina / Maeir, Aren M.: Preliminary spatial analysis of the morphologically identifiable bone tools from an Early Bronze Age III domestic building in a residential neighborhood house at Tell eṣ-Ṣâfi/Gath (Stratum E5c)
  • Waselkov, Gregory A. / Price, Sarah E. / Stenson, Alexandra / Hadden, Carla S. / Dinh, Long: A Woodland-period bone tool industry on the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain
  • Boisvert, Marie-Ève / St-Germain, Claire / Gates St-Pierre, Christian: The many dimensions of a bone