Proceedings Tallinn 2003

Luik, Heidi / Choyke, Alice M. / Batey, Colleen / Lougas, Lembi (eds.) (2005): 
From Hooves to Horns, from Mollusc to Mammoth – Manufacture and Use of Bone Artefacts from Prehistoric Times to the Present – Proceedings of the 4th Meeting of the ICAZ Worked Bone Research Group at Tallinn, 26th–31st of August 2003, Muinasaja teadus 15, Tallinn

Table of contents 

  • Ashby, Steven P.: Bone and antler combs: Towards a methodolgy for the understanding of trade and identity in Viking Age England and Scotland.
  • Ayalon, Etan: The bone industry at Caesarea Maritima, Israel.
  • Bartosiewicz, Laszlo: Worked elk (Alces alces L. 1758) antler from Central Europe.
  • Batey, Colleen: From raw material to finished product: resources and resourcefulness in the North Atlantic.
  • Becker, Cornelia: Spindle whorls or buttons? Ambigous bone artefacts from a Bronze Age castelliere on Istria.
  • Beldiman, Corneliu: Paleotechnology of antler working in the Mesolithic of the Iron Gates, Romania.
  • Beldiman, Corneliu: Bone and antler industry in the Upper Palaeolithic of Romania.
  • Bíró, Mária: Native folk costume im Rome Pannonia.
  • Choyke, Alice M.: Bronze Age bone and antler working at the Jászdósza–Kápolnahalom tell.
  • Christidou, Rosalia & Legrand, Alexandra: Hide working and bone tools: experimentation design and applications.
  • Christidou, Rosalia: Aspects of bone exploitation in the Neolithic sites of Eastern Macedonia, Greece.
  • Cristiani, Emanuela & Alhaique, Francesca: Flint vs. metal: the manufacture of bone tools at the Eneolithic site of Conelle die Arcevia (Central Italy).
  • Cristiani, Emanuela / Lemorini, Cristina / Martini, Fabio / Sarti, Lucia: Scrapers of Callista chione from Grotta del Cavallo (Middle Palaeolithic cave in Apulia): evaluating use-wear potential.
  • Czeglédi, Edit: Avar period purse fasteners from Transdanubia (Western Hungary).
  • David, Eva: Preliminary results on the recent technological study of the Early Mesolithic bone and antler industry of Estonia, with special emphasis on the site of Puli.
  • Deschler-Erb, Sabine: Borderline production: A late Roman antler workshop in Eastern Switzerland.
  • Dray, Yehoshua: The technology of bone and ivory crafting in Caesarea Maritima, Israel.
  • Frazier, Jack: Marine turtles – the ultimate tool kit: A review of worked bones of marine turtles.
  • Gál, Erika: New data on bird bone artefacts from Hungary and Romania.
  • Gostencnik, Kordula: Worked bones from Virunum: Some preliminary typological and chronological aspects.
  • Kovács, Eszter: Remains of the bone working in medieval Buda.
  • Kováts, István: Finds of worked bone and antler from the Royal Palace of Visegrád.
  • Küchelmann, Hans Christian & Zidarov, Petar: Let’s skate together! Skating on Bones in the Past and Today.
  • Legrand, Alexandra: New evidence on bone reduction techniques from Khirokitia – Cyprus (7th millennium calBC).
  • Luik, Heidi & Maldre, Liina: Bone and antler artefacts from the settlement site and cemetary of Pada in North Estonia.
  • Maigrot, Yolaine: Ivory, bone and antler tools production systems at Chalain 4 (Jura, France): late Neolothic site, 3rd millennium.
  • Mannermaa, Kristiina: Revision of a Mesolithic bird bone artefact from Korpilahti in Vuoksenranta (find complex „Antrea net find“).
  • Sidéra, Isabelle: Technical data, typological data: a comparison.
  • Smirnova, Lyuba: Weights, not bludgeons. A reappraisal of the functionality of a particular category of objects in metal and bone.
  • Stancheva, Milena: Remarks on worked bone technology in the Middle Ages.
  • Stopp, Barbara & Kunst, Günther Karl: Sledge runners made of cattle mandibles? – Evidence for jawbone sledges from Late Iron Age and the Roman Period in Switzerland and Austria.
  • Szöllösy, Gábor: The functional reconstruction of a type of Avar Period purse fastener from Hungary.
  • Tuohy, Tina & Stopp, Barbara: Bone and antler combs as an indicator of site phasing and function at the Iron Age Lake Villages of Meare East and West, in Somerset, UK.
  • van Gijn, Annelou: A functional analysis of some late Mesolithic bone and antler implements from the Dutch coastal zone.
  • Vecsey, Ádám: Reconstruction and production of copies of a Roman doll and Gepid period comb.