9th meeting Zhengzhou 2013

The 9th meeting of the ICAZ Worked Bone Research Group has been held in Zhengzhou City (Henan Province, China) from April 14th to 19th 2013. It was organized by Xiaolin Ma and the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Cultural Relics and Archaeology and sponsored by the Henan Administration of Cultural Heritage. The conference included an excursion to the Historical Architecture Groups in Dengfeng city including the Shaolin Temple, the Songyuesi Tower as well as the Longmen Grottoes.

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Conference reviews

Review by Luna Wang, 2. 5. 2013
On April 14, Dr. Xiaolin Ma chaired the opening ceremony, at which Ms. Ailan Chen, the Director of Henan Administration of Cultural Heritage, gave a welcome speech, and Dr. Alice M. Choyke delivered the opening address. We believe that this conference was a great success. We had 17 participants from 10 countries, including the USA, France, Spain, Britain, New Zealand, Denmark, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Romania. We also had 24 participants from 15 institutes and universities in China. There were 20 oral presentations during the conference as well as 13 posters covering a great variety of important and complex problems in the field of worked bone studies. Topics ranged from human sustenance to the way behavior is reflected in these kinds of objects although we also considered small things such as seal stamps and hairpins. “All the presentations and posters were very illuminating and informative. And the discussions were very lively and fruitful.” Dr Xiaolin Ma concluded, in his closing speech on behalf of the Organizing Committee on April 18.
This was the first time that the WBRG meeting was held outside Europe, giving the working group a truly international profile for the first time. This event provided a platform of academic exchange for scholars from both China and abroad. We hope that it will promote an understanding of Chinese ancient bone materials beyond the boundaries of China and advance international research cooperation. We also hope to maintain close contact and cooperation with each other in future research in this field.

Choyke, Alice (2013): The 9th Meeting of the Worked Bone Research Group. – International Council for Archaeozoology Newsletter 14(1), 1, 7.
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Proceedings have been published in the following volume:

Ma, Xiaolin & Hou, Yanfeng (2014):
Proceedings of the 9th Meeting of the (ICAZ) Worked Bone Research Group, Zhengzhou, China, 2013
Zooarchaeology 2, Beijing: Cultural Relics Press
ISBN 978-7-5010-4183-1

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The book will be sent on request as pdf-file from Luna Wang or Hans Christian Küchelmann. It is also available via amazon.cn.