GDRE workshop 2013 Targoviste

The Groupement de Recherche Europeen • Exploitation des Matieres Osseuses dans l’Europe Prehistorique (GDRE Prehistos) held a workshop in Targoviste, Romania, from the 5th-9th of November 2013 organised by Monica Mărgărit (Valahia University of Târgovişte), Gaëlle Le Dosseur and Aline Averbouh.

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Proceedings have been published in the following volume:

Mărgărit, Monica / Le Dosseur, Gaëlle / Averbouh, Aline (2014): An Overview of the Exploitation of hard Animal Materials during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic. Prodeedings of the GDRE PREHISTOS Work-Session in Targoviste, Romania, November 2013, Prehistoric Exploitation of Hard Animal Materials, Targoviste
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