Session ICAZ 2006 Mexico City

During the 10th ICAZ-Conference at the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH) Mexico City, Mexico a one day session was held by the WBRG at the 27th of August 2006 entitled

Bone Raw Material Exploitation in South America

The session was organised by Vivian Scheinsohn.

Program and abstracts (pdf 600 kb).

Review of the session.

Proceedings have been published as part II within the volume

Legrand-Pineau, Alexandra / Sidéra, Isabelle / Buc, Natacha / David, Eva / Scheinsohn, Vivian (2010):
Ancient and Modern Bone Artefacts from America to Russia. Cultural, technological and functional signature
British Archaeological Reports International Series 2136, Oxford: Archaeopress
ISBN 978 1 4073 0677 3

2007 paris pub cover

Table of content (pdf 192 Kb).

The book can be ordered from Archaeopress.