Session ICAZ 2010 Paris

During the 11th ICAZ-Conference at the Museum Nationale de Histoire Naturelle (MNHM) and the Université Piere et Marie Curie, Paris, France, a one day session was held by the WBRG on the 24th of August 2010 entitled

Raw and worked osseous materials

The session was organised by Alice Choyke, Sonia O Connor and Carole Vercoutère.

For programme and session abstract see session website or download the session program (pdf 720 kb).

Review of the session.

Proceedings have been published in the volume

Choyke, Alice M. & O’Connor, Sonia (2013):
From These Bare Bones: Raw Materials and the Study of Worked Osseous Objects
Oxford: Oxbow
ISBN 978-1-78297-211-2

2010 icaz paris pub-cover


The book is avalable from Oxbow and Knochenarbeit.