Workshop 2004 Cambridge

The Links that Tie: Bones for Tools / Tools for Bones


was the title of a workshop held on the 23rd of October 2004 at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in Cambridge, United Kingdom, organised by Krish Seetah and Brad Gravina.


Proceedings have been published in the volume

Seetah, Krish & Gravina, Brad (2012):
Bones for tools – tools for bones: The interplay between objects and objectives
Oxford: : Oxbow
ISBN 978-1-902937-59-5


2004 cambridge workshop pub cover

Gravina, Brad / Rabett, Ryan J. / Seetah, Krish: Combining Stones and Bones, Defining Form and Function, Inferring Lives and Roles

Part 1: Taphonomy and Technology

  • de la Torre, Ignacio / Martínez-Moreno, Jorge / Mora, Rafael: When Bones are Not Enough: Lithic Refits and Occupation Dynamics in the Middle Palaeolithic Level 10 of Roca dels Bous (Catalonia, Spain)
  • Monchot, Hervé / Chazan, Michael / Horwitz, Liora Kolska: Testing the Spatial Association of Lithic and Faunal Remains: a Case Study from the Lower Palaeolithic Site of Holon (Israel)
  • Smith, Geoff: The Palaeolithic Poor Relation? Taphonomic Approaches to Archaeofaunas and their Implication for the Study of European Lower Palaeolithic Subsistence
  • Greenfield, Haskel J. & Horwitz, Liora Kolska: Reconstructing Animal-butchering Technology: Slicing Cut Marks from the Submerged Pottery Neolithic Site of Neve Yam, Israel
  • Badenhorst, Shaw: Cause and Effect: the Impact of Animal Variables on Experimentally Produced Bone Lesions

Part 2: Raw Materials, Operational Sequences and Decision-making

  • Muñoz, A. Sebastian: Guanaco Butchering by Hunter-gatherers from Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, Southern Patagonia
  • Plug, Ina: Diversity and Applications: Some Bone Tools from the Past to the Present in Southern Africa
  • Johnson, Eileen / Arroyo-Cabrales, Joaquin / Morett, Luis: Mammoth Bone Technology at Tocuila in the Basin of Mexico

Part 3: Subsistence and Cultural Practice

  • Loponte, Daniel & Buc, Natacha: Don’t Smash Those Bones! Anatomical Representation and Bone Tool Manufacture in the Pampean Region (Argentina, South America)
  • Rabett, Ryan J. & Piper, Philip J.: Eating Your Tools: Early Butchery and Craft Modification of Primate Bones in Tropical Southeast Asia
  • Sternke, Farina & Costa, Laurent-Jacques: Prehistoric Hunter-gatherers in Transition: Environmental Adaptation or Social Transformation?


The book can be ordered from Oxbow and Knochenarbeit.